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Kyle Kharidia
Kyle Kharidia

S Harrington Computer Graphics.pdf !!BETTER!!

harrington, s., carrillo, h., & kang, t. (2012). "nurse staffing and deficiencies in the largest for-profit chains and chains owned by private equity companies". health services research, 47(1), 106-128. doi:10.1177/1049731x12465869.

S Harrington Computer Graphics.pdf

schiel, h., narasimhan, r., & harrington, s. (2017). "nurse staffing and deficiencies in for-profit long-term care homes". journal of the american geriatrics society, 65(1), 56-64. doi:10.1111/jgs.15113

these projects enable students to engage in scholarly reading and writing, disciplinary analysis, and the development and defense of informed opinions on topics in related fields, including the design, development, evaluation, and practical application of computer graphics and vision technologies in real-world settings. prior to 2009, the individual projects of each student are designed within a 2-week period of course time and are directed toward building competence as practitioners in specific domains of computer graphics and vision.

the five sibilant monosyllables for the initial state were combined to create the initial state for the model so that the number of words with sibilants in /str/ clusters matched that in the data set. at the end of each iteration, the variable con$ was increased by 1 if the number of words of the type in question exceeded the threshold specified below. thus, the model starts out with a number of words of this type, but the con$ is incremented only when the number of words actually reaches the threshold (i.e., the threshold is not reached in the first iteration).


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